baron corbin

Baron Corbin is quickly becoming one of WWE’s top stars, and this week on SmackDown Live he managed to defeat Dean Ambrose in a street fight. Corbin has some experience in the boxing world, and he’s no stranger to violence.

TMZ recently caught up with Taz and they asked him who would win in a fight between Baron Corbin and Conor McGregor, and Taz backed Corbin all the way.

“Conor McGregor would be put in the hospital. Baron Corbin’s a bad man. He’s also younger, more aggressive, and he’s about five times the size. He’s a big man and he’s put together, he’s a young angry guy. No disrespect to McGregor, he’s a badass MMA guy, I know that. McGregor is a tremendous marketer and promoter just like Mayweather. McGregor needs to be in the WWE. The problem is, he’s really a small guy. I don’t care what his credibility is, cause he does have credibility obviously, but he’s very tiny.”

Triple H has confirmed in the past that he’s interested in bringing Conor McGregor to WWE, and McGregor’s management has said he’s open to discussing a deal, but the two sides have yet to commit to anything.

With all the trash Conor McGregor talked about WWE stars last year, there’s probably quite a few members of the main roster that would love to get their hands on him.

You can check out the clip below.