Pro wrestling isn’t ballet and it never claimed to be which is why that statement about the business has always been such a great one. People try to be careful but they have to make sure things look legit enough while they’re fake fighting in the ring and that often means sometimes a real connection is made during a spot. This is especially true when you’re facing someone like Cesaro.

Xavier Woods had the task of taking on The Swiss Superman this week on SmackDown Live so he could see if he might be able to pull down a win over Cesaro like he did with Sheamus on the previous week. But unfortunately for Woods, it didn’t turn out that well for Woods.

When all was said and done, the New Day’s resident trombonist found himself laying on the mat with a stream of blood coming from his face.

As it turns out Xavier Woods actually bit his tongue three times during the brutal spot that ended the match where he jumped off a springboard but was caught by a stiff European Uppercut from Cesaro.

Woods has one complete hole through his tongue and two smaller bites that didn’t go all the way through. This isn’t the kind of injury that will keep him out of action because he can still do his sick top rope springboard elbow drop with a busted up tongue but he might have some trouble cutting a promo for a bit.

But knowing the New Day they might just play off this injury and have Woods come out with his tongue wrapped up in medical tape like he’s that kid from A Christmas Story who got his tongue stuck to a frozen flagpole.

Therefore it looks like Xavier Woods might need to be especially careful while playing his trombone or eating salty foods for a while. This is certainly not the way he pictured his trip to Europe starting out.