wwe united kingdom

Friday night during the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony, WWE aired a commercial confirming the return of the Mae Young Classic, as well as the return of King of the Ring which will be a UK tournament this time around.

Today Triple H also confirmed that the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament will be returning this year.

The tournament was first introduced in January of last year and Tyler Bate went on to win the title and become the first ever United Kingdom Champion.

The tournament will take place from the Royal Albert Hall in London on June 18 and June 19.

Jay Lethal has had quite the career in the professional wrestling business, but many fans are wondering if he will eventually end up signing with WWE.

The former ROH World Champion recently spoke with Sporting News about possibly joining WWE, and he noted that he gets tired of people asking him if he’s going to sign with the company some day.

“One funky thing that I do get tired of is when people say ‘Hey man, quit wasting your time, go to WWE already.’ First of all, I’m not wasting my time. I love what I do. I love Ring of Honor and I’m not interested in going anywhere right now. Second of all, I think some of the people that say that, they think you just go and knock on their door and say you’re ready to go. It doesn’t work like that either. Other than that, I don’t get tired of it because that’s wrestling fans and the main product that they watch is WWE and that’s where they want to see all their favorite wrestlers.”