braun strowman

It was made official a few weeks ago that Roman Reigns will be The Undertaker’s next victim on the Grandest Stage of Them All after The Deadman chokeslammed Reigns as a form of payback for eliminating him from January’s Royal Rumble match.

If only this match was as straight forward as that, so far Undertaker and Strowman have had a staredown before The Monster Among Men walked away in what many of the WWE Universe thought was his way of showing respect to the WWE legend.

This week Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman went one-on-one in a rematch from WWE Fastlane and Undertaker decided to make his presence known. Instead of going straight for Reigns, the person he has a real issue with, Taker decided to chokeslam Braun Strowman instead and turn his back on Reigns, allowing him to get the upper hand just 13 nights ahead of their showdown at WrestleMania

Braun Strowman has been built up as a monster until now and he isn’t going to take too kindly to Undertaker putting his hands on him. The reason Braun has a problem with Roman is because he double speared him, along with Goldberg, and since Goldberg wasn’t on Raw at that time, he settled for Reigns.

As of this writing, Braun Strowman does not have a scheduled match at WrestleMania, it is rumored that he will be a key member of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale, but it seems as though he could be used as interference in this match, otherwise there would be no reason to have Undertaker put his hands on Strowman.

The final Raw before WrestleMania takes place next Monday night and that could plant even more seeds when it comes to these three enemies, but it will be interesting to see if we find out the reason why Undertaker went after Strowman instead of Reigns on Monday night.