Ryback is a guy who doesn’t have much of a censor on him, that’s for sure. He recently started spouting off about how WWE only brought Goldberg back in because he left the company, which isn’t true. WWE brought Goldberg in because of a video game and they kept him because of how well his t-shirts sold before Survivor Series.

Now Ryback is at it again on his podcast, “Conversation With The Big Guy.” But, this time he is saying that he came up with the finishing move for one of the most important stables WWE has seen in probably the last decade (via Wresting Inc).

“They needed a move. I remember, to put me down early on. I think it was that first… the pay-per-view before in Indianapolis, the triple threat with me, Cena, and Punk. And I had been powerbombing a lot of guys up till that point in different variations of powerbombs. And I said to them, ‘why don’t you do a triple powerbomb?’ because they wanted to movie they could all three do.”

If you haven’t figured out who he’s talking about at this point, it’s The Shield. Yup, Ryback is saying he came up with Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins’ triple powerbomb through a table gimmick. Ryback went on as well as he said:

“G-ddammit did I regret every f—— saying that because I received more triple powerbombs than anybody on the roster at that point. And they were all fine, but they triple powerbombed me through the table at the end of that one. And then, they did it in the match at TLC.”

Some would say The Shield effectively ended Ryback’s big push when they jumped the match and put him through a table. Therefore, Ryback can only ultimately thank himself for the snuffing out of his own momentum. If this is true, then it’s very poetic indeed.