talking smack

SmackDown Live is the show to watch on Tuesday nights, and the fun continues after the show ends when Talking Smack airs on the WWE Network. Talking Smack has become a popular show on the WWE Network due to the fact that it seems very loose and unpredictable.

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You never know what the stars of SmackDown Live are going to say on Talking Smack, and some of the blue brand’s best promos have aired on the show. Due to the unpredictable nature of the program many fans have wondered if the show is scripted, or if performers are encouraged to say what they want.

Current WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss is constantly appearing on the show and she often argues back and forth with Daniel Bryan. Bliss recently spoke to Sporting News about Talking Smack and according to her the show is not scripted.

I love “Talking Smack.” It is so much fun. We just literally go out there and say whatever we want. Somehow, it’s never planned, but somehow I end up bickering with Daniel Bryan every single time. It’s a lot of fun and it does so much for everyone’s character to really show what we can’t portray in the ring whether it’s time, whether it’s having a match with no speaking parts. It’s that moment that really can help define who you are in the ring and I love being on Talking Smack because it’s fun to literally go out there and talk smack.”

More often than not the promos on Talking Smack get fans talking more than the promos that actually take place on SmackDown Live. If the talk show truly is unscripted then WWE might want to to loosen up the restrictions on some of the in-ring promos, because Talking Smack has proved that there are some performers on the blue brand that are more than capable to taking things to the next level on the microphone.