It looks like the WWE t-shirt design team has been hard at work to put out some new merchandise after the Holidays so you can keep buying things after you snatched up all the other WWE merchandise you were eyeing. After all, they did run some killer deals over the Holidays.

Absolution and The Riott Squad busted Raw and SmackDown Live wide open when the two trios made their debuts after Survivor Series. Since then the six women have been doing quite a bit of damage. Naturally, these ladies have some serious fans at this point who would love to sport their merchandise and WWE was quick to give the fans exactly what they wanted.

In an attempt to make things equal both shirts are black with a simple design on the front and catchphrase on the back. It’s nice to see they landed on an official catchphrase after laying in one after another on the microphone.

But there is probably plenty more merchandise to come so they can probably keep those catchphrases coming.

On the other hand, Curt Hawkins didn’t have a very good 2017. In fact, he lost every match he was in. But when you wrestle that many matches and lose every one of them, then there has to be a reason why WWE is keeping you around. They’ve turned Hawkins’ losing streak into a gimmick at this point and its pretty genius to be honest. After all, when life gives you lemons, you make a t-shirt out of it.

Truth be told, Hawkins got the coolest of the three new t-shirt designs and those are the facts. It’s also curious that there seem to be more chalk marks than he actually lost in his current streak, so there could be many more losses to come.

At this point, it will be a pretty surreal moment if Hawkins scores his first win and I can’t wait to see it. Let’s just hope WWE has plans for him once they take his streak away.