enzo amore

You never want to hear that someone is sick in the WWE Universe but it looks like there’s another Superstar who isn’t feeling well but this time it could also put a championship match in jeopardy.

Braun Strowman was recently pulled from the WWE live Holiday Tour and now it looks like another member of the team has taken ill.

Enzo Amore was set to defend his WWE Cruiserweight Championship against Cedric Alexander during the New Year’s Day edition of Raw but Enzo came down with an illness and it sounds pretty bad.

It was reported that Amore was sick with the flu and he recently uploaded an Instagram story from Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. This short video included images of him on a stretcher and being hooked up to an IV. Therefore it might be possible that Enzo Amore won’t be making Raw tonight.

Then again, WWE Superstars have pulled through insane circumstances in the past to make the show. But it might not be plausible for The Realest Guy In The Room to make it through this one and still be able to defend his WWE Cruiserweight Championship against Alexander.

Let’s hope that Enzo Amore is able to start feeling better soon. After all, it would be a shame for him to miss the big show. But if he’s not able to defend the WWE Cruiserweight Championship we can only imagine that there is a lot of movement going on backstage while WWE tries to figure out what they’re going to do without the Smack Talker Skywalker.

Some people might look at this situation and say Enzo Amore partied too hard last night for New Year’s Eve. While he might have had a good time, because Amore seems to always have a good time, it looks like he’s not doing too well at the moment.