The WWE roster is constantly changing, and right now there just aren’t enough spots for some of the company’s longtime veterans.

Dustin Rhodes recently parted ways with the company, and now another WWE veteran is on his way out.

PWInsider is reporting that Rhyno will be moving on from WWE soon, as his current contract is set to expire on July 17.

Rhyno noted during an interview a few months ago that WWE offered to double his salary, but he decided not to sign because he wants to help the next generation of wrestlers rather than get paid to sit home.

“That’s a good question and I came back and I said I want to be on the road. I feel good, I feel very blessed that my health is there. My job is to find the next John Cena, the next Stone Cold Steve Austin, the next Rock and how can I help these guys if I’m not on the road? If I’m sitting at my marina, that’d be nice I’d be very fortunate to do that, but I can’t help those younger men and women improve. On the indies, I can do that. And with other companies whether it’s AEW, Impact, Ring of Honor or New Japan I’ve done that before in the past and that’s something I can do now in the future.”