total divas

Total Divas is a WWE franchise now, and has become a show that the E! Network is proud to call its own. The mid-season finale just concluded and fans of the show thought that there would be no news until promos for the return on April 5th drew closer, but they were wrong. WWE just sent out a press release announcing that the show has a new executive producer, and her name is Nikki Bella.

In the WWE press release they stated that the longest reigning Diva’s Champion will begin her executive producer duties when the show comes back from mid-season hiatus in the Spring.

Nicole Garcia (not Cena), is one of the few original remaining casts members of the show along with Natayla, and her sister Brie. Throughout the series her entrepreneurial endeavors have been highlighted by her interests in branching out into more avenues other than just wrestling. Nikki had this to say about her well deserved promotion, “As a pioneer of the show, I want to use my expertise and creativity not only in front of the cameras but behind as well and my goal is to continue to make Total Divas one of the best reality programs on television.”

This might just be the stepping stone that Nikki needs to get into the entertainment business behind the camera and possibly expand her possibilities after her WWE career ends. It could be a power move on her part, but it defiantly provides her with a great chance to show her value as more than just a pretty face and a first bid future WWE Hall of Fame nominee.