The WWE roster is loaded with talent at the moment, but unfortunately not everyone can get as much TV time as they want. Former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Aliyah has been cleared to wrestle since October of 2022, but she hasn’t appeared on television in months.

Recently Aliyah posted a series of tweets that have since been deleted where she responded to fan questions about her current status with WWE. When one fan asked what she’d been up to since October she responded with, “Umm, i don’t know…”

Another fan suggested she should do backstage photo shoots and she implied that she hasn’t been at WWE events when she tweeted, “If only I was backstage.” When a fan said that she should return to the ring Aliyah replied with, “ain’t my call.”

One fan brought up the WWE 2K23 video game and asked if she had been scanned for it, but she responded with a tweet which said, “Sorry to let you down.” She also implied that she will not be in Montreal for Elimination Chamber when she posted the following:

There’s currently no word on whether or not WWE has plans to bring Aliyah back to TV. Stay tuned for updates.