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Every wrestler in the WWE is trying to make a name for themselves and LA Knight is seemingly becoming more and more popular with each passing week. Knight has been getting noticeable reactions from fans at WWE events and it seems that many people are hoping to see the company push him.

Dutch Mantell recently talked about LA Knight’s status on Smack Talk and he showed support for the SmackDown Superstar while comparing him to the legendary “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

“I don’t think LA Knight has to worry about getting over because he’s already over. Now they can just use him however they want. I don’t think the crowd reaction is going to change. And when they do something with him, he’s going to be massively over. He really is. If they’re acting like this without him beating anybody, give him a push.”

“I think he’s a very valuable performer to them and they wanna take their time with him. I’d rather they take their time instead of trying to rush him. I think that helps him in the long run and that helps WWE… He kind of puts off a little bit of Stone Cold vibes to me. He goes, ‘Hey let me talk at you’ and people like that. I think he can go out there, and as the old saying goes, he can talk them into the building. You give him something hot and I think he’s gonna take off and run.”

This week on Friday Night SmackDown, LA Knight was defeated by Xavier Woods when Woods rolled Knight up and used his tights for leverage while the referee wasn’t looking. Even though Knight hasn’t been picking up many wins in recent months it seems that WWE could be looking to do something big with him this summer and you can get more on that here.

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