From the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas Nevada


Dark Match:

* Usos defeated 3MB

WWE SmackDown:

* SmackDown kicks off with MizTv featuring The Big Show and Dolph Ziggler. They discuss the events from this past Monday’s episode of Raw. Triple H interrupts to confront both Ziggler and Big Show. Triple H announces The Miz will face Randy Orton later. He also announces that Dolph Ziggler will face The Shield in a handicap match with The Big Show at commentary.

* Randy Orton defeated The Miz with an RKO. After the match, The Shield comes out and attacks The Miz. Daniel Bryan runs out with a chair to make the save.

* Vickie Guerrero is backstage and angry that Daniel Bryan for making the save for The Miz. She calls Daniel a bully. She announces that Daniel Bryan will face Ryback later tonight.

* Rob Van Dam defeated Damien Sandow with a 5-star frog splash.

* Alberto Del Rio cut a promo on Ricardo Rodriguez and Rob Van Dam. He says he’s going to remain World Heavyweight Champion at the Night of Champion’s pay-per-view event.

* The Shield defeated Dolph Ziggler in a handicap match. Roman got the pin after connecting with a Spear. The Shield taunts The Big Show after the match, who was still at ringside.

* Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel cut a promo.

* The Wyatt Family (Erick Rowan & Luke Harper) defeated Tons of Funk (Brodus Clay & Sweet T) Wyatt comes in after the match and nails his finisher.

* Daniel Bryan defeated Ryback via DQ after Randy Orton interferes. After the match, The Shield runs in and attacks Daniel Bryan. The Big Show finally gets up, but is checked by Triple H. The Shield and Orton continue to attack Bryan. Orton has a can of spray paint and threatens to paint Bryan. Orton holds up the title and stands over Bryan. This concludes the tapings.