It’s the go-home show for Clash Of Champions and some Superstars are going all in while they head toward the big show before the Royal Rumble event. Jinder Mahal desperately wants to prove himself as things heat up with AJ Styles. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are also looking to prepare themselves for the war against Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura that awaits them.

Opening Segment

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were backstage handing out political flyers against Shane McMahon saying they were starting the “Yep Movement”… yep. They doctored up old Daniel Bryan shirts and put a “t”over the “s” in that shirt that said “Yes, Yes, Yes.” That was nice.

AJ Styles

The Phenomenal One came out first to take the ring. Styles didn’t get very far in his promo until the Singh Brothers entered and apologized for the interruption.

They said they usually introduce the Modern Day Maharaja but not tonight, then they showed how Mahal hit both Brothers with a Khallas and broke up the team.

AJ said he feels sorry for the Singh Brothers and offered for them to hug it out in the ring so the Singh Brothers started to confusingly hug each other… that was nice. “Hug it out” chants broke out as they got in the ring.

Then AJ gave them side hugs. The Singhs said they wanted to be in AJ’s corner at Clash Of Champions and Mahal will be facing Styles alone. They called Jinder a disgrace to India and AJ loved it.

They started to unload about Mahal how he gets first-class airfare and how they made them kiss his feet which smell like cheese, garlic, and chicken. AJ said it sounds like they’ve got some beef with Jinder but if that’s the case then why were they by his side in India?

“You still suck” chants broke out as they showed pictures of the Singh Brothers accompanying Mahal to the ring in India. AJ started to shake their hand as Jinder Mahal came out by himself with no grand introduction.

AJ called the Singh Brothers “dingelberries” and didn’t believe they were still associated with each other. AJ said they’re right because they will have a one-on-one match at Clash Of Champions and then he took out both Singh Brothers.

Mahal got on the apron and said Styles doesn’t know what’s coming his way. Then AJ Styles raised his title up high and that was the end of the segment

Charlotte Flair vs Ruby Riott

Natalya was on commentary talking about how all the women love her while Charlotte and Riott tangled in the ring. After a short start, the two traded some offense and Ruby ended up outside of the ring to recollect her thoughts.

When Riott returned to the ring, she took advantage over Flair and latched on a grapevine submission hold making The Nature Girl really feel the stretch.

They ended up outside eventually and Nattie got in Flair’s face until she got a forearm to the face. Flair tried to fight off the rest of The Riott Squad until Natalya blasted her and the the referee called for the bell.

Charlotte tried to fight back, but The Riott Squad ended up laying waste to The Nature Girl by driving her into the steel steps and then they set her up for something painful looking exactly like what they did to Naomi… speaking of The Glow, it looks like she’s back because her music hit and the Total Divas star ran down to run them off. But Riott still took some damage.

Then Tamina, Lana, and Carmella jumped The Riott Squad too. This seems very familiar… oh yeah, it’s pretty much the same thing they did on Raw last night with Absolution.

Backstage Segment 

Daniel Bryan was backstage on his cell phone because that’s what general managers do. Suddenly, KO and SZ walked in and left an anti-Shane McMahon flyer and left. Bryan looked at the campaign literature curiously.

Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin

Bobby Roode was on commentary for this match and it’s interesting that they played Dolph Ziggler’s entire song instead of scratching the record to silence.

This match didn’t get very far until Bobby Roode took off his robe and got on the apron. Both guys were on the mat after Corbin took a shoulder to the ringpost.

Roode got in the ring and hit Glorious DDTs on Corbin and Dolph. “I’m the next US Champ!” Roode yelled and then he did his Glorious taunt and his music played. Bobby Roode really does look like a champion.

The Bludgeon Brothers are still scary

Harper and Rowan brought their hammers to the ring and stepped in to face their enhancement talent in the eyes. Colin Delaney was one of the enhancement talents too which was an interesting place to see him pop up.

2B really didn’t let this match get very far.

Winners: The Bludgeon Brothers va pinfall

The Kevin and Sami Show

The two best friends of SmackDown Live proclaiming that they should end the tyranny and fire Shane McMahon. The Yep Movement was in full-effect while KO and SZ were trying their best to make their points.

The took the audience down the road they had just traveled while illustrating the ways they were treated unfairly. Kevin Owens said he hoped the ring was reinforced because it was time to “occupy SmackDown” and he invited everyone to come to the ring.

Then Daniel Bryan walked out by himself and then his music started playing. Bryan grabbed a microphone and KO called D-Bry the inspiration for the Yep Movement. Sami said it doesn’t matter how many people come down because they have Daniel Bryan.

Daniel asked them what they were doing and Owens explained the Yep Movement once more. Bryan said they are nothing like him because the Yes Movement wasn’t about him, it was about the fans. This got a nice Yes chant going.

Bryan said he and McMahon have an agreement that they have each other’s backs. Then he said both KO and SZ are talented and their match at Clash Of Champions is fair and if they lose there will be no excuses.

Then he made himself the second guest referee in their tag match. If Daniel Bryan takes a bump at Clash Of Champions then we might have an idea what Dr. Joseph Maroon said about him getting back in the ring.

It’s Rusev Day!

The New Day were on commentary eating pancakes, seriously what is with the pancakes?

Aiden English had a chance to sing a little about it being Rusev Day because today and every day is Rusev Day.

The Usos came down to talk some smack and then Benjamin and Gable came out to add their two cents. They said the only days that matter is Game Day, Collection Day, and Training Day (after Benjamin quoted Denzel Washington’s “King Kong” line from his Oscar-winning role). That was fun…

The Usos vs Aiden English and Rusev

After a match with a nice little skirmish, Rusev provided a good distraction and helped them get the job done over the SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Winners: Rusev and Aiden English via pinfall

Backstage Segment

AJ Styles was interviewed about Clash Of Champions. Jinder Mahal jumped him and left Styles laying while saying he will not be beating the odds. It was rather disturbing and Styles looked unconscious.

Orton and Nakamura Interview

Both Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura came down to the ring. Renee Young interviewed them about the big match at Clash Of Champions. While Orton did a lot of talking about how he didn’t like Owens and Zayn and wanted to punish them… Nakamura just replied “yep.”

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Kevin Owens

Nakamura got the advantage early on and Owens powdered out of the ring. Shinsuke followed him and KO turned it around by using the ring apron as a weapon.

By the time they returned to the ring, Kevin Owens had the upper hand as he hammered away at Nakamura. KO chopped Nakamura in the corner, Nakamura placed KO over the top turnbuckle but Owens jumped down as Nakamura was charging at him and hit a knee to his face. Then Kevin threw Shinsuke to the floor and against the barricade.

Owen maintained control and talked trash to Orton as he stalked Nakamura. KO went for a running senton but Nakamura got his knees up. Once KO picked Nakamura up they started exchanging shots until Nakamura connected with a one-legged dropkick to the jaw.

Owens was planted facefirst and then ate plenty of kicks until KO grabbed one and caught the other foot to the side of the head. Nakamura nailed a running knee to KO in the corner and the Good Vibrations. Nakamura hit the running knee with Kevin draped across the top turnbuckle.

Daniel Bryan was on commentary this whole time talking up the match at Clash Of Champions. KO and Shinsuke set up for a Superplex on the top rope but KO fought back with a headbutt.

Then Owens went for a top rope senton but Nakamura got his knees up. Nakamura ducked and the referee took a shot to the face. D-Bry took off the referee’s shirt and put it on as Nakamura hit a knee to the face and made a pin. Bryan slid in to make the count 1-2-kcikout.

Sami got in Bryan’s face, but Orton got him out of the ring quick. Kevin hit a pop-up powerbomb after a little skirmish and Daniel Bryan made the three count.

Winner: Kevin Owens via pinfall

Daniel Bryan and the babyface team were in the ring at the end of the night while KO and SZ made their way victoriously up the ramp. Kevin Owens took the microphone from Renee Young and said nobody will take this away from them because the bottom line is they are the absolute best, not just on SmackDown Live but in the entire WWE. “Yep, yep, yep” and they got plenty of “Yep” chants going at the end too.