Everyone loves a good Sabu match, the ECW legend is a hardcore innovator and his matches are the stuff of legend when you’re talking about coming up with creative ways to hurt your opponent. It was also his birthday today, so happy birthday Sabu.

WWE often wishes their Superstars and Legends happy birthday on their big day but today they picked an interesting way to do it for Sabu. He’s been through a lot of battles in his life leaving his body mangled but we’re willing to bet this is the first time he’s been mistaken for Kelly Kelly or Beth Phoenix.

Mistakes happen and we’re not condemning anyone for it because we’re all humans except for our wonderful cyborg readers. But apparently, when WWE Network’s Twitter account went to say happy birthday to the Suicidal Genocidal Hardcore Maniac Sabu they made a little mistake about which video they included to go with it.

Apparently, they also had a nice Beth Phoenix tweet lined but mixed around which video they were including. It was an honest mistake, but it was still a pretty entertaining visual. It looks like WWE Network’s Twitter account has fixed the error after only 129 retweets and 392 favorites, but here’s a screenshot to document the happening.

Just in case you wanted to see the corrected tweets featuring Sabu putting CW Anderson through a table instead of Paul Heyman and Beth Phoenix executing a nice superplex on Kelly Kelly, then you can check those out below.

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