Recently quite a few big names from the past have returned to WWE, and Hall of Famers Trish Stratus and Lita will both be in action at the upcoming Evolution pay-per-view.

This week on Raw it was announced that Lita & Trish will be teaming up to face Mickie James & Alexa Bliss, and it sounds like we could be seeing more of the team moving forward.

Mike Johnson recently reported via PWInsider Elite Audio that current plans call for Trish and Lita to work as a tag team at major shows (via Ringside News).

“I was told the decision was made about 2 weeks ago to turn that into a tag and part of it is they want Trish and Lita to be a tag team going forward. They have for them coming out of this for them to be appearing on major shows as a tag team.”

With Evolution just weeks away, it’s certainly an interesting time for the women’s division.

It’s also been rumored that WWE could be introducing women’s tag team titles at the event, so one can’t help but wonder if the new title belts could also factor into WWE’s decision to have Lita and Trish work as a team.