Charles Robinson is a senior referee for a reason, he has been a key component for some of the most iconic moments in recent memory. Some might call him Little Naitch, but one thing’s for sure that he is one of the best referees on WWE’s main roster. Robinson had surgery today, and while we don’t know exactly what type of surgery he had, we’re really glad that it was successful.

Lodi was also there for Robinson during this time of uncertainty and was there to lend a helping hand during Charles’ recuperation. It’s good to have great friends, and Robinson thanked his old friend for taking the time to be by his side.

Mojo Rawley is a very friendly guy, he is willing to help hype anyone up who needs it and his energy is absolutely infectious. Rawley recently took to Twitter with one goal in mind, and that was simply to greet all who saw his post. What an awesome guy, eh?

Charlotte tweeted from the most recent WWE VIP Experience in Dallas before Friday night’s house show. She’s obviously had a great time and Billy Smith who is head of Warner Bros. VIP Experience was in attendance. It looks like Charlotte wasn’t the only who was having a good time either because everyone seems to be excited to hang out with the Nature Girl.

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