mojo rawley

Mojo Rawley recently spoke with ESPN and revealed his close-knit relationship with Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots goes far beyond just the fact that they were once teammates at the University of Maryland. Mojo left two tickets for Rob for the Elimination Chamber, and since Rob was still across the country celebrating his Super Bowl LI victory, Gronkowski’s father and brother were front row in Phoenix last Sunday.

“They’re my best friends,” Rawley said. “Big G, Papa Gronk — he calls me his sixth son, and I call him my second dad. We all grew up together before anyone achieved any kind of level of success. We push each other. We talk to each other every day. It’s one of those things where I’ll see Rob busting a move after a big game and the rest of us are like, ‘We got to catch up with Big Rob,’ and then Rob will come to one of my matches and he’ll be all amped up and say, ‘I got to step my game up, too.’ That’s just kind of our relationship.” How awesome is it that he called Rob’s father Papa Gronk?”

Rawley went on to explain how he got his shot in the first place. He says that he always thought that the WWE was a pie-in-the-sky dream, but one day Gronkowski spoke to Mike Rotunda about Mojo and IRS was intrigued. Rawley went on to further explain how the famous Patriots tight end is also a huge WWE fan as well and said, “Trust me, we’ve been talking about this for years and whenever the time is right and whenever the stars are aligned, I can tell you he will be raring to get over here. He’s fired up doing something with me here at WWE, and I can’t wait to have him. We’ve been dreaming about it for years”

It’s awesome to see that Mojo is such a loyal friend to those people who have been there for him along the way. If you’re not into Mojo’s “Get Hyped!” gimmick, then you might not be alone, but as he has gotten more comfortable on the bigger stage his character is forming into something great. You also have to acknowledge that he’s a hard working entertainer that definitely deserves his spot on the roster.