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If you left Backlash feeling unsatisfied then you’re not the only one. The response from WWE’s first co-branded non-big-4 pay-per-view was pretty awful to be honest and plenty of people hated it in a big way. People didn’t just have a problem with the booking or finishes but they had a problem with the fact some of those matches existed in the first place.

So we roll into Raw the next night only time will tell what WWE has in store for fans next.

It looks like the goal might still be for Roman Reigns to keep his top spot to challenge Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title but with Money In The Bank coming up it’s anyone’s guess about what could go down.

There’s a rumor about a possible third MITB ladder match being added to the event as well and while that might be awesome it could also really complicate things. So let’s not waste any more time and get right to it.

Opening Segment – Money In The Bank Talk

Kurt Angle came out and started talking about how WWE never stops and they’re just getting started. Money In The Bank is coming up and he said there will be two Money In The Bank ladder matches. Then they showed a pretty green MITB briefcase hanging above the ring.

There will be two qualifying matches. The first will be Moon, Riott, and Banks the other will be Roman, Finn, and Sami. Then Braun Strowman came out to receive a larger response than anyone of those six Superstars received put together.

Braun told Angle a story about when he was a kid and all the boys in his neighborhood wanted to build a treehouse. He heard them build their treehouse and didn’t ask help. When they were done he had to listen to their little handshake and then he said he waited for everyone to get in the treehouse and he knocked the whole damn tree down… which is an admission of multiple counts of attempted murder.

As Angle said Braun deserves a spot in a MITB match, Kevin Owens came out and he didn’t look happy. He said if anyone deserves to be in that ladder match it’s him. Owens said he’s Raw’s MVP and he’s the highest rated segment with arenas all over the world chanting his name and he respects the rules, unlike Strowman.

Kevin said the wrong man was pinned during their Backlash tag team match and the only thing Braun deserves is a timeout so he can reflect on how he’s been a very bad monster. Then Owens scolded Braun Strowman like he was a little kid.

Strowman said the only thing Owens deserves is to get these hands and Kevin said he’s not interested in his catchphrase. Owens then said that Stephanie McMahon is watching and Angle needs to announce him as the first participant in the MITB match.

Then Angle said Strowman is in a qualifying match and his opponent is Kevin… that match starts right now.

Braun Strowman vs Kevin Owens

KO did not want to have this match and it obviously wasn’t a part of his plan. But the crowd was still pretty pumped to see somebody get Braun Strowman’s hands.

Kevin and Braun battled around the ring and Owens hit a nice tornado DDT off the barricade that almost cost Braun the match but he got back in before the referee could count to 10.

Kevin kicked Braun down when he got back in the ring until he shot off the ropes and came back for a massive clothesline from Braun. Owens moved out of the way and Strowman took a shoulder to the post that sent him tumbling outside of the ring.

The referee started counting again but Braun made it back by the count of 8 much to KO’s dismay.

Kevin kept chopping Braun down with kicks and a running senton for a near fall but Strowman wouldn’t lay down. Braun blocked a cannonball with a boot to the face but Owens moved out of the way in the corner and hit nothing but turnbuckle. Owens returned with a Superkick and a bullfrog splash but Braun kicked out at two.

Owens caught Braun with another Superkick but the pop-up powerbomb was blocked. Braun hit a splash in the corner and Owens rolled outside. Braun ran around the ring and sent Owens flying into the barricade thanks to a tackle and then he ran around the ring to do it again.

Owens rolled in the ring and back outside so Braun ran at him and turned Kev inside out with another tackle. Then they got back in the ring and Strowman hit a running powerslam for the win.

Winner: Braun Strowman via pinfall

They showed Roman Reigns backstage and Mike Rome interviewed him about his mindset for his MITB qualifying match tonight. Roman called himself the uncrowned Universal Champion and he’s sick and tired of it. So when he goes to the ring and the bell goes ding ding he has all control. Jeez… that verbiage.

Roman said he’s pissed off and he will control and dominate his yard. Then he will be in full control of his destiny and he will take back what is his. “Ya understand?” Roman asked before the segment cut off.

They also aired cellphone promos of Bayley and Breezango talking about the MITB ladder match. Suddenly Kurt Angle was backstage and so was Goldust who said it was his quest, the ultimate goal to be in the MITB match. Jinder Mahal walked in and he thought he should be in the match too and not Roman Reigns.

Kurt said Jinder hasn’t won a match since he came to Raw and he’s got a match against Chad Gable tonight and if he puts on a good showing he’ll maybe consider Money In The Bank. Then Goldust quoted All About Eve and left without getting his shot to be in the match.

No Way Jose and Titus Worldwide vs Baron Corbin and The Revival

Titus Worldwide was at the front of No Way Jose’s conga line as The Coach asked what it would take for JoJo to announce them as Titus World Slide. “Pay her,” Cole replied.

Baron Corbin really deserves to be in more of a featured spot than this and so does the Revival at this point. But when No Way Jose got the hot tag he was on fire and took it to all of the heels. Jose wasn’t enough to put Dawson away though and the match continued.

Baron took Apollo out by pulling down the top rope and then he took out No Way Jose with an End Of Days. That was all she wrote.

Winners: Baron Corbin and The Revival via pinfall

Moon and Riott ended up taking center stage for a bit where Ruby took advantage but then Banks rejoined the match after being tossed out of the ring and The Boss got her head buried in the turnbuckle.

Ember Moon stole a near fall from Ruby as Michael Cole said she is known as “The War Goddess” which is totally something I can hear Vince McMahon saying.

As the MITB briefcase hung above the ring Ruby and Ember fought on in the ring. Ruby drove her knee into Ember’s back and followed with another. She covered for a pinfall but Banks broke it up.

Suddenly Ruby Riott hit a reverse DDT/faceplant move on Banks and Moon both before pinning them both for a near fall. Ruby and Ember ended up in the ring by themselves once again but Moon wouldn’t stay down for the three count.

Moon kicked out at two after another reverse neckbreaker and Riott was starting to get very frustrated. Moon created some separation as Banks ran in the ring. Moon hit a springboard crossbody on Banks for a two count before hitting an exploder suplex on Ruby.

Embery was geared up as she dropkicked Ruby off the apron in front of the Riott Squad. Then Sasha hit a top rope dive on the Riott Squad, Ruby hit a missile dropkick on Banks, and Moon nailed Ruby with a suicide dive one after another.

Once they returned to the ring Ruby kicked out of a pinning attempt and Logan pulled Moon off the top rope as she climbed up.

Banks got in the ring and ended up on the top rope but Ruby climbed up to join her. Ruby nailed some headbutts and hit a hurricanerana that she flipped around into a pinfall. Suddenly The Riott Squad rushed the ring and started to beat Banks down which is totally legal in this match. Bayley ran down and she took a beating from Morgan and Logan too.

Then Bayley hit a dive on Liv and Sarah as Banks and Ruby fought on in the ring when suddenly, Ember Moon jumped off the top rope and hit a double Eclipse and made the pin for the victory to secure her spot at Money In The Bank.

Winner: Ember Moon via pinfall

Ember said she’s over the moon when Charly approached her for an interview. She said she is skill, honor, and heart which is something that will probably end up on a t-shirt and then she said that she’ll take that Money In The Bank contract.

Then WWE aired a Bobby Lashley promo package hyping him since he’s already been on the show for a month and they haven’t done anything with him yet.

They credited Kurt Angle for bringing Lashley to WWE and highlighted his first-run a little bit and mentioned “headlining” WrestleMania with no mention of Trump.

“Now after a 10-year hiatus Bobby Lashley has returned to WWE” it said before the camera cut to Lashley wearing a newspaper boy hat in front of Renee Young for an interview.

He said he was blessed because he had a great family and that’s all that he’s about. He said he’s close to his sisters and it felt like a real “getting to know you” piece with an extra dose of sap.

He talked about each of his sisters indivusaly and it got very strange for a moment. Then he asked Renee if he could say hello to his sister and the camera took a tight shot of Bobby as he said hello.

Sami and Kevin Backstage

Sami said they need to seize a position of power so he’ll win the MITB contract because Owens can’t. He apologized for their misunderstanding tonight.

Zayn said anything goes in the triple threat tonight and he needs to know if he has his back. Owens finally said “yeah” — “Doncha mean yep?” Sami asked.

“I mean yeah,” Kevin said before getting up and walking away.

Jinder Mahal vs Chad Gable

Sunil Singh gave Mahal a rousing entrance to compensate for the fact that 1/2 of the act is still injured. Then Mahal came out looking pumped as always.

Gable did all he could with Jinder Mahal but in the end, Jinder ended up hitting a Khallas to pick up a much-needed win.

Then after the match was over, Jinder hung Chad up on the top turnbuckle and hammered him down before laying in some knees to the abdomen and hitting a flapjack across the ropes before kicking him out of the ring.

Winner: Jinder Mahal via pinfall

Alexa Bliss cut a cell phone promo backstage where she said that she will win the MITB contract so I guess her shoulder is okay after all. Then the Ascension came on and said they will win too.

Kurt Angle was backstage and Zack Ryder said since he’s in his hometown he should qualify for the MITB ladder match and he was interrupted by Mahal who came in to demanded to be put into the match at the end of the night but Angle said, “woo woo woo the answer is no bro.” Ryder thought that was sick but he still didn’t get in the match.

Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre vs Heath Slater and Rhyno

This did not go well for Slater and Rhyno who are essentially around at this point because they are very good at losing.

Drew and Dolph are on their way to the top and could have a rocket strapped to their back at any time. Rhyno and Slater took control in the beginning and Dolph sold like a champ but he eventually tagged Drew in and then things got serious.

The crowd chanted “3MB” as Drew stood up to Heath but the reunion didn’t last long as McIntyre put Slater down before tearing his shirt off and hanging him up so Ziggler could Superkick him from the outside.

Drew knocked Rhyno off the apron with a stiff headbutt and then they hit the Zig Zag/Claymore combo shot that is really a sick move. Heath Slater had little to do but not count out after that.

Winners: Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre via pinfall

Elias vs Bobby Roode

The Drifter brought up how Billy Joel is from Long Island so he trashed the Piano Man in front of his hometown crowd but it didn’t seem like the crowd had much of a connection to Joel.

“Rusev Day” chants broke out and Elias said, “Rusev Day ain’t got a damn thing on Elias!” After telling everyone to silence their cellphones and shut their mouths he started playing a little song about how Bobby Roode is dead inside like all of the fans… it’s true Elias. Teach me how to live and Walk With Elias.

Then Bobby Roode came out after Elias said they could bring the Islanders back but “this place will still suck.”

Elias and Bobby Roode exchanged some moves and Elias ended up taking control of the match. Elias beat the former NXT Champion around the ring displaying even more ability than he was ever allowed to show while he was in NXT.

As Elias locked on a stretching submission on Roode, Michael Cole hyped that an album would be on the way for The Drifter dropping sometime this summer.

Roode got to his feet and started exchanging hands with Elias until Bobby took a shot to the turnbuckle but he came back with a thunderous spinebuster for a two count.

Bobby hit a clothesline in the corner but his bulldog was countered into a spinebuster on The Glorious One. Elias hit a pinning powerbomb for a two count and Elias started to get frustrated because he couldn’t put Bobby down.

And then Bobby Roode came back with a Glorious DDT for the win. After the match was over Roode said he hoped that he will be in a MITB match because it will be absolutely glorious.

Winner: Bobby Roode via pinfall

Rollins Speaks

It’s time for Seth Rollins to come out and get a massive pop from the crowd. He said after last night he’s feeling good because they tore the house down at Backlash.

Seth hyped up the crowd when he said he knew a thing or two about Money In The Bank but his focus right now is to turn the IC Title into The Title on Raw.

Then he issued an open challenge and… Mojo Rawley stepped up and he had a microphone with him. He said this was the Raw debut he deserves because when the opportunity comes knocking Mojo Rawley knocks them down.

The crowd chanted, “we want Ryder” as Mojo mocked them. Then Mojo said it’s no longer Monday Night Rollins, it’s Monday Night Rawley.

Seth asked if he wanted to fight and told him to get his ass in there so he did and he was mighty hyped to be there.

Seth Rollins vs Mojo Rawley – IC Title Match

Rawley latched on a headlock but Seth broke out of it and landed a dropkick. Seth seemed to be one step ahead of Mojo until Rawley clubbed Seth in the back and tackled Seth into the barricade on the outside.

Mojo muscled through Seth and showed a real intensity as Seth sold like a champ. Mojo mocked the fans and Seth came back with some chops but Rawley shut it down and tossed him into the corner.

Rollins caught a kick to the back of the head and sent Rawley to the floor on the outside so Seth hit two suicide rives in a row and the crowd loved it.

Once they returned to the ring Rollins hit a blockbuster for a two count and Mojo eventually launched Seth onto the apron. Rollins jumped back in and Rawley caught him to land a spinebuster for the two count.

Seth knocked Mojo down and went for a curb stomp but Mojo reversed into a giant flapjack and then covered for a near fall. But Rollins would eventually score a curb stomp for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins via pinfall

Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel vs The Deleter Of Worlds

Dallas and Axel said they are no longer supporting actors, they’re leading men. Now Bo gets to face his brother Bray in the ring.

Bo and Bray started things out and Wyatt just turned his back to Dallas so Bo tagged in Curtis. This didn’t work out too well and Curtis took some damage for a bit until Bo tagged back in.

Bray was going to hit Curtis with a Sister Abigail and then he stopped to knock Bo off the apron, “no brotherly love there,” Cole said.

Then they hit Axel with a unique double Sister Abigail for the win.

Winners: Deleter of Worlds via pinfall

Natalya and Baron Corbin both cut promos hyping Money In The Bank.

Roman Reigns vs Sami Zayn vs Finn Balor

Things got crazy for a bit and Roman found a way to top both guys who were much smaller than him. Finn went for a kick from the apron but Reigns just knocked him down with a right hand.

Sami took Finn down but Reigns kept getting involved. The Big Dog doesn’t really play well with others. Reigns nailed a kick to the face to Sami and an inverted atomic drop to Finn. It’s almost like this match was a spotfest for just Reigns.

Finn and Balor beat down Reigns while the crowd exploded and chanted “yes,” but Roman still made it back to his feet. They threw Roman out of the ring and the crowd cheered even louder.

Finn and Sami punched Roman into the crowd and they fought out onto the floor. But Reigns came back with some right hands. The crowd booed every time Reigns made a shot but the cheered very loudly when Sami Zayn sent Reigns over a barricade into the tech department and Finn followed it with a Coup De Gras to Reigns.

Then Sami jumped Balor and they moved back to the ring to wrestle in the middle of a sea of “ole” chants. Balor and Zayn traded some shots in the ring and then Balor started laying in some noisy chops.

Finn took it to Sami until Zayn sent him out of the ring. Michael Cole immediately said Balor’s knee was injured and then he jumped up and hit a sling blade to Zayn on the outside. Then Finn ran into a kick from Sami Zayn followed by a little beatdown next to the barricade.

Suddenly, Roman Reigns jumped over the barricade out of nowhere and he hit a drive by on Sami before throwing him back in the ring. Balor sent Roman into the steel steps and landed a kick to Zayn but he missed the Coup De Gras.

Zayn nailed an exploder suplex in the corner and ran for a Helluva Kick but Reigns jumped in and hit a Superman Punch. Balor nailed a slingblade and climbed up to miss another Coup De Gras.

Reigns was trying to hit a spear but Jinder Mahal appeared out of nowhere and grabbed Reigns’ legs not letting him run. Then Sami hit a Helluva Kick followed by Finn Balor nailing a shotgun dropkick and a Coup De Gras on Sami Zayn for the win.

Finn Balor is going to Money In The Bank.

Winner: Finn Balor via pinfall