bobby lashley

Bobby Lashley is back in WWE after a pretty long hiatus from the company but now that he’s back he seems even better than ever if you don’t count the Greatest Royal Rumble botch where he almost dropped Big Cass on his head. But there seems to be a problem with Lashley since his return as well because the WWE announce team seems to be limited on how much they can talk about his previous career.

After such a long time off it is important that WWE can tell the story of a Superstar so an audience member who might not remember their first run can appreciate who’s in the ring. This seems to be impossible for WWE at this point because Bobby Lashley’s first run with WWE was highlighted by a moment that they apparently can’t discuss anymore.

Dave Meltzer brought up Bobby Lashley on Wrestling Observer Radio where he mentioned some of the things holding WWE back from properly pushing this returning Superstar (via Ringside News).

“They can’t even talk about his first run there because the only thing anyone knows is Trump and they’re banned from talking about Trump because they’re afraid of insulting the half of their audience who hates Trump or more than half of their audience that hates Trump and the Mexican-American audience and all that so they can’t even talk about it. So it’s poor Bobby just, whatever”

Bobby Lashley is in amazing shape and can still perform at an impressive level. He also looks like a Superstar already. But only time will tell if WWE will be able to figure out a way to present him on television because he hasn’t really done much at this point during his second run with Vince McMahon and Company.

It’s just a shame that WWE doesn’t feel like they can tell a crucial part of Lashley’s WWE journey due to political dissonance.

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