matt hardy

There was once a time when WWE acted as if Impact Wrestling didn’t exist, but those days are long gone. Kurt Angle recently cracked a TNA joke on Raw, and Impact Wrestling footage is set to be featured on a WWE DVD release for the first time ever.

“Twist of Fate: The Best of the Hardy Boyz” is set to be released in the US on May 1st, and the DVD will include footage from their Impact Wrestling run. Not only will the release feature footage from Impact, but WrestlingDVDNetwork is also reporting that the release will feature a notice promoting the Global Wrestling Network (Impact’s streaming service) which reads as follows.

“To watch all the Hardys’ Impact Wrestling matches in their entirety, download the Global Wrestling Network app. Available on all your favorite streaming devices!”

It certainly seems that Hell has frozen over, but then again you can never say never in the world of professional wrestling.

The Impact Wrestling footage will also include the GWN logo which can be seen in the screenshots below courtesy of WrestlingDVDNetwork.

The footage will reportedly show Matt and Jeff discussing highlights from their run with Impact mostly focusing on the Broken Hardys gimmick and the infamous Final Deletion match.