Times have certainly changed as WWE recently aired Impact Wrestling footage on the WWE Network during a new episode of Table For 3.

The footage showed clips from AJ Styles and Kurt Angle’s TNA days, and the episode also promoted Impact’s Global Wrestling Network.

In response to WWE using the footage, Anthem issued the following statement to Sportskeeda:

“IMPACT Wrestling collaborated with WWE on the project and sub-licensed the footage to them for use in their original productions. Accordingly, WWE issued a courtesy for GWN when the footage airs.”

Impact Wrestling footage was also included in WWE’s newest Hardy Boyz DVD.

There are quite a few stars on the current WWE roster who spent many years honing their skills with Impact Wrestling such as Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, Lashley and others.

There’s no denying that most of the former Impact stars had great runs with the company, so it’s nice to see that WWE is willing to acknowledge what they accomplished under the Impact Wrestling banner.