Intergender matches have played a huge part of many independent wrestling rivalries over the past few years, as well as in Lucha Underground and in Impact Wrestling. WWE hasn’t followed the same kind of rules when it comes to these matches and has shied away from male versus female feuds over the past few years.

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Triple H himself a few years ago mentioned that it was more of a move towards the PG side of the brand and that the WWE Universe wouldn’t be seeing females in those kinds of matches for a while. According to Sportskeeda, It seems that the attitude on this may have changed since there are now rumors that Becky Lynch could be set to face James Ellsworth in a one-on-one match.

The duo have had problems for the past few weeks and now that there has been a twitter exchange with creative team member Road Dogg, it could actually be being considered.

Road Dogg has input when it comes to creative plans and the fact that Ellsworth hardly adds anything to Carmella’s character means that WWE should have plans for him moving forward that could include him being in a match again.

Ellsworth is a comedy character so it would work well for a match with a female because it wouldn’t be the usual match where the male would dominate. This match would be similar to when Beth Phoenix faced Santino Marella a few years ago and it turned into more of a comedy match than a straight forward intergender bout.