jason jordan

Last week, Kurt Angle finally revealed to the WWE Universe that Jason Jordan is his biological son. The initial reaction to the reveal wasn’t overwhelmingly positive, but the fans are curious about how WWE officials are planning to develop the storyline over the next several months.

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There are rumors that Kurt Angle could make his in-ring return down the line. The possibility of a heel turn has also been rumored, but now the WWE Universe is wondering if anything will come of a potential angle for Jason Jordan’s “mother” to make her debut on WWE television.

It’s being reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet that there aren’t any creative plans for Kurt Angle or Jason Jordan to reveal his “mother” anytime soon. Aside from a few brief mentions, Kurt didn’t reveal her identity, so that could be another persona to bring to the angle eventually.

For the time being, it seems that WWE officials have their hands full trying to get Jordan over as a babyface and to develop the father/son dynamic between Angle and Jordan for the rest of the summer. If the fans connect with the storyline, a “mother” may be revealed someday.