Sometimes it’s hard to make things work no matter how hard you try. Becky Lynch and boyfriend Luke “Cool Hand” Sanders seemed to be having a great time together. But now it doesn’t look like the two might not be an item anymore.

Lynch recently deleted all photos of Sanders from her Instagram account and has unfollowed him on Twitter as well. Cool Hand Luke also hasn’t been mentioned on her Instagram story since shortly after his last MMA fight where Becky Lynch and Dolph Ziggler sat in floor seats cheering him on.

Lynch and Sanders were a pretty good couple and had a lot of laughs as they were often seen in public enjoying themselves. But when worlds are so different yet so much the same sometimes any random thing can get in the way.

They are both very busy people and neither has commented on the status of their relationship at this point.

Tommy Dreamer is the Innovator Of Violence and helped influence a generation of performers to try out taking a trash can lid to the head… spoiler: It really sucks to get hit in the head with anything.

Now Tommy Dreamer is leading the House Of Hardcore into a new generation of indie wrestling innovation.

But Tommy is, unfortunately, a mere mortal and has yet to sprout wings so he can fly on his own. The Hardcore Legend recently updated fans to let them know he was having a wonderful flight. On the way to his destination, he is in between a great combination of coughing and yawning which is always a fantastic recipe for spreading germs.

It’s remarkable what a guy like Tommy Dreamer will do for his fans.