205 live

WWE’s cruiserweight division is always in development, and over the past few months 205 Live has gone through a major creative overhaul as the emphasis has been put on in-ring competition as opposed to storylines and characters.

Even though the stars who are part of 205 Live are technically part of the main roster, the brand has unfortunately placed limits on the Superstars who are defined as cruiserweights.

The Superstars on 205 Live don’t interact much with the other wrestlers on Raw and SmackDown Live, so it could be argued that the brand is holding them back.

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins recently hinted that he’s hoping to move on to other things in the future when he jokingly asked if he’s 206 yet.

Perkins posted the following on Instagram:

“Am I 206 yet??? I got goals waiting on me… #WWE #RAW #SmackdownLive #205Live #TJP #CruiserGreat #FilAmFlash #ForeverChamp #BestTechnicalWrestlerInTheGame”

Love is in the air for Raw star Sarah Logan, and NXT star Raymond Rowe. The couple are set to be married this year, and they recently confirmed via Twitter that their wedding will take place on December 21. Congrats to the happy couple.