There are usually some cuts around WrestleMania season and while most of the time those cuts are made after the Show Of Shows, it looks like WWE’s developmental territory is cutting some talent who could have been very beneficial to the ongoing progress of the brand.

We previously reported that Abbey Laith was released earlier today and now it looks like even more names are on the list as well. It is reported in addition to Laith, Sage Beckett and Gu Guangming have also been reportedly released. Demitrius Bronson might also be gone as well.

Bronson is a very unfortunate circumstance because the former Seattle Seahawks running back was stricken down with an injury and was unable to work in the ring.

This is unfortunate all around to be honest because we never really got to see what any of them could do in the NXT Universe yet. Because the roster is so stacked already some newer talent might have to wait their turn until something opens up for them in the storyline.

With additions like EC 3, Kairi Sane, Ricochet, and Candice LeRae to NXT that takes up a considerable amount of real estate on the programming because of their already established fanbases.

It could be likely that WWE makes even more cuts to NXT down the line as well because there is only so much you can do with the hour-long television show and some people might naturally migrate far enough to the back of the line that they could be cut.

I’m not sure of the exact reason anyone was released today, but a crowded roster certainly didn’t help matters. But that pool of talent is essential to breathe new life into WWE’s main roster with fresh faces on at least an annual basis. The only real question at this point is who will be called up next time around to allow a little bit more room in the WWE Performance Center?