WWE.com is currently running an article looking at 10 things the staff would like to see happen in 2016. Some of the things on the list include Triple H winning the US Championship, John Cena winning his 16th World Championship and a WWE Diva possibly winning a male championship.

While commenting on the possibility of something like that happening, WWE singled out Sasha Banks as someone that they would like to see win the Intercontinental Championship. They wrote the following:

“It has been more than 10 years since a Diva challenged for — yet alone won — a male championship in WWE. Past Divas did it with power moves and frying pans, but Banks’ high-risk style affords her the ability to take down much larger opponents. Plus, the classic Intercontinental Championship would look perfect around Sasha Banks’ waist.”

A woman holding the Intercontinental Championship isn’t unheard of but it’s certainly rare. Chyna held the title twice during her run with WWE. Would you guys like to see Sasha Banks hold the belt in 2016?

You can check out the rest of the list by clicking here.