Vince McMahon got himself arrested last week on Raw and his mug shot has been popping up all over the Internet. Vince has became the centerpiece of many wonderful memes thanks to that now infamous mug shot but of course Vince McMahon isn’t the only McMahon that’s been arrested on Raw.

Stephanie McMahon was also arrested on Raw back in July of 2014 during her feud with Brie Bella. So why didn’t Stephanie McMahon get an awesome mug shot like Vince? Former WWE writer Kevin Eck recently posted a new blog where he revealed that Vince loved the idea of Stephanie having a mug shot, but that Triple H nixed the it.

“Vince loved it. In fact, I think I may have gotten one of his “that’s good thinking” figurative pats on the back. However, when the creative team ran the angle by Triple H, he didn’t care for any of it, and he especially hated the mug shot idea.

His reasoning was that the faux mug shot of his wife would exist forever in cyberspace, and therefore if someone did a Google search on Stephanie and the photo popped up, people might think she had actually been arrested, which could be detrimental to her career as WWE’s Chief Brand Officer.”

You can check out the full blog by clicking here.


  1. Why is Triple H so afraid of the internet? He doesn’t want Chyna in the Hall of Fame cuz of what ppl might find when they google her, he don’t want Steph to take a mug shot cuz it might be Googled, stop being a pussy about the internet, grow some balls (if they haven’t shrunk from all the steroids)