divas champion

The WWE women’s division has come a long way over the past few years thanks to the influx of talent from NXT who helped to move the women’s revolution forward in a big way. A few years ago stars such as AJ Lee and Kaitlyn were trying their best to make the division into something more than it was, but it appears that WWE just wasn’t ready for that.

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Now it looks like WWE officials are hoping to add a former Divas Champion to the roster, because the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that there’s been internal talk of bringing Kaitlyn back to the company at some point. Whether or not Kaitlyn is interested in signing a new contract and working with WWE again remains to be seen, but she did recently post some pictures on Instagram showing that she was back in the ring training for the first time in years.

Kaitlyn is still in phenomenal shape and she would make a great addition to the women’s division on either Raw or SmackDown Live. It appears that she’s still on good terms with WWE, and she shared some backstage photos when she attended a WWE live event in Miami back in August.

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