Tammy Lynn Stych has had a very interesting past couple of years. Sunny has received the wrong kind of attention for quite some time. She’s spent a couple of months incarcerated lately because she violated her parole. But now that she’s out she’s making the best of things. There has been speculation about how WWE would deal with it too, and apparently, they’re fully supporting their former employee.

TMZ Sports recently caught up with Sunny who had a very cheerful disposition. She looks happy to be sober and turning a new leaf in her life. We’re really glad to see a sparkle of the Sunny we used to know shining in her eyes.

Sunny said she’s doing very well and she’s currently living in a sober living home. The house is an astounding $10,000 a month, so it sounds like a good one. She said WWE is very helpful in helping former employees with rehab if they don’t have insurance. It’s awesome they are able to do that kind of thing for their former stars.

In the meantime, Sunny is taking it day-by-day but she’s well being taken care of. She’s staying in a Tribeca sober living home with 24/7 therapists, case managers, doctors and plenty of programs for the residents of the facility to assist in their recovery. Sunny has seven roommates in the facility too, and we’re hoping she’s getting along well with everyone.

But, Sunny looks happy and we couldn’t be more relieved. The WWE Hall Of Famer is living life and carrying on with her sobriety. The program only works if you work it and as things appear Sunny is doing everything she can to keep on the straight and narrow.

We here at Still Real To Us would like to wish the best to Tammy Lynn Sytch as she carries on and does her thing. Who knows what kind of opportunities might be on the horizon for Sunny if she keeps up the good fight.