After weeks of rumors and speculation regarding MJF’s strained relationship with Tony Khan fans saw Maxwell Jacob Friedman cut a scathing promo on Wednesday night. MJF told the other talents in the back that they can have his spot in AEW, because he doesn’t want to be there anymore. He then followed up by telling the fans they, “don’t know s**t.”

MJF criticized Tony Khan for spending money on ex-WWE guys that can’t lace his boots and then questioned if Tony would treat him better if he was an ex-WWE guy. He then begged Tony Khan to fire him and called him a “f**king mark” before his mic was cut off.

The promo got quite the reaction from the fans in attendance and from fans on social media. People in the wrestling world can’t stop talk about the promo, and you can see what people are saying below.

Following his promo MJF was confronted by CM Punk during the commercial break and you can get more on that here.