MJF has been the talk of the wrestling world recently as it’s been reported that his relationship with Tony Khan is strained. MJF is reportedly unhappy with the pay scale in AEW and over the weekend he shocked fans when he no showed a meet and greet.

This week MJF cut a promo on Dynamite where he held nothing back. In the promo MJF ripped on Tony Khan for spending money on ex-WWE guys while telling the talents in the locker room that they can have his spot because he doesn’t want to be with AEW anymore.

Max also begged Tony Khan to fire him when he said, “Tony, I want you to fire me. Look at me Tony, look at me. I want you to fire me!” Shortly before his mic went dead MJF called Tony Khan “a f**king mark” before the screen went dark and the show cut to commercial.

What fans didn’t see on TV is that CM Punk made his way back out into the arena to confront MJF. Punk approached the ring, but things didn’t get physical as MJF left through the crowd and Punk returned to the back. Footage can be seen below.


  1. […] The promo has sent fans into a frenzy as everyone seems to have an opinion on whether or not the situation with MJF and Tony Khan is a work or a shoot. After his mic was cut off and Dynamite went to commercial MJF left through the crowd as he was chased off by CM Punk, and you can get more on that here. […]