The WWE Universe is full of outstanding characters where anything is possible. A Superstar’s career is bound to be full of twists and turns and sometimes that involves changing sides from heel to babyface.

The idea of Bayley turning heel has been a subject of conversation for quite a while now. Something needs to be done since her Hugger gimmick didn’t seem to translate into as much success since coming up from NXT where it was thought she would be a huge success.

Bayley has seen glimmers of hope but it seems that time and time again her babyface personality has given way to more dominate heels around every turn. It just seems as soon as The Hugger experiences some kind of storyline success someone is waiting in the wings to steal her thunder.

Now Bayley is booked for a rather interesting match for the next house show at Madison Square Garden. The Hugger is booked as Elias’ tag team partner in a match against John Cena and Nikki Bella. Not only will this mark Nikki Bella’s first appearance since the Royal Rumble, but it might also be a telling sign that Bayley could be turning to the dark side of the WWE Universe sometime soon.

Dave Meltzer brought up this interesting booking decision on Wrestling Observer Radio where he speculated WWE’s direction for Bayley might involve a heel turn. “WWE sent the card for Madison Square Garden and one of the matches on the Madison Square Garden card on March 16th is John Cena and Nikki Bella vs Bayley and Elias which sounds like Bayley may be going heel.”

“So perhaps the Bayley [and] Sasha thing will be Bayley turning and not Sasha. Maybe, or they don’t know what they are doing and they needed — I don’t even know why. Why you would have Bayley team with Elias?”

Meltzer does have a point. After all, an MSG house show isn’t the Mixed Match Challenge where it seems to be more appropriate to pair heels with babyfaces. Perhaps they are building toward something epic for The Hugger, let’s just hope if they finally pull the trigger on her heel turn that it gives her the spark she needs to really make a difference.

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