ken anderson

Ken Anderson is best known to WWE fans as Mr. Kennedy and even though it’s been a long time since Kennedy has wrestled inside a WWE ring, he still made a big impression on the fans.

During his time in developmental, Ken Anderson became somewhat of a “Paul Heyman Guy” as Heyman took a liking to him in OVW. Anderson recently appeared on Sean Waltman’s X-Pac 12360 show, and he shared the story of how Heyman helped him get called up to the WWE main roster.

“First, when I was doing tryouts, I remember one day we were in the ring working just all the indie guys and the only two people sitting in the front row were Paul Heyman and Jim Ross. Guys were getting in [the ring] doing chain wrestling which was fine, but they just weren’t showing character. I got in there and I started putting heat on somebody, talking smack.”

“Fast forward, Jim Cornette got released from the company and they said Paul Heyman was coming in and he’s gonna run OVW and he’s gonna run all the TV and everything. I remember he came in and said, ‘I need to talk to you.’ [He] pulled me into a room and said, ‘You’re the next guy up… I have been a fan of yours,I’ve had my eye on you.’ At that point I been there for 6 months and he said, ‘We’re gonna do so much stuff with you on TV here that they’re gonna have to take you onto the main roster.’ Five weeks later Tommy Dreamer called me and said, ‘Hey they want to take a look at you on Smackdown. In that case Paul was correct, and I just continued to be friends with Paul.”

After his run with WWE came to an end, Ken Anderson joined TNA where he won the World Championship twice.

Anderson has always been known for his mic skills, but he also revealed that during his time in TNA he often contacted Paul Heyman for advice on his promos.

“After I got released [from WWE] and went to TNA, a lot of people don’t know this, but they would a lot of times hand me a script and I would call Paul and say, ‘Hey here’s what they gave me, I am not digging it, what can we do?’ Almost every week and he would say, ‘Give me a couple minutes and I’ll write something up for you.’ A couple minutes later he would have an email to my inbox. We just kinda collaborated, it was really cool. He’s a great guy.”