The NWO was one of the most popular wrestling factions of all time, and the group’s legacy is still quite strong today.

PWInsider is reporting that WWE recently applied to register two NWO trademarks, one for wrestling purposes, and the other for clothing merchandise purposes. The trademarks are noteworthy because WWE already has active NWO wrestling and clothing trademarks.

On this week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, Curt Hawkins faced off against a local competitor from Houston who told the crowd that his name was James Harden.

Hawkins ultimately lost the match after Baron Corbin interfered and attacked Harden, causing Hawkins to be disqualified.

Curt has now lost 200 matches in a row.

It turns out the wrestler was actually a student of Booker T’s named Will Lockhart, and the WWE Hall of Famer took to Twitter after the match to congratulate his student on picking up a big win.