Hulk Hogan recently returned to WWE, and even though he didn’t appear on WWE programming, he got a lot of people talking.

Hogan appeared backstage during Extreme Rules a few weeks ago, and he met with the Superstars of the WWE roster and apologized for the comments he made which got him fired a few years ago.

WWE also announced that Hogan has been reinstated into the Hall of Fame, and it’s rumored that the company is just waiting for the right time ot bring him back.

With Hulk Hogan’s return being such a hot topic, apparently rumors of a NWO reunion have also been making the rounds.

@TicketDrew recently commented on the rumors saying that a main roster return for the NWO seems unlikely, but fans could see the iconic group make some sort of appearance on the WWE Network.

Whether this means Hogan, Nash and Hall will reunite for a Table For 3 episode, or some other WWE Network special remains to be seen, but it’s worth noting that WWE recently applied to register two NWO trademarks.