alicia fox

Alicia Fox is a former Divas Champion, and at this point she’s a WWE veteran.

Fox has been with the WWE for quite some time, and over the course of her career fans have seen some interesting outbursts from her character. When Alicia Fox flies off the handle, people can’t help but notice.

The former champion recently spoke to Void about what went into developing her crazy character, and she noted that Vince McMahon encouraged her to go all out.

“My character, well, she’s I guess kind of sassy. Her thing is like, “fancy as a fox.” [laughs]. I’ve developed into this like off the wall, firecracker. The word ‘crazy’ might not capture it. But I came back from injury and turned into a heel [bad guy]. We’ve been reintroducing the character. I’ve been bullying people. It’s really fun to play the bad guy, the coward. I get the crowd riled up, throw drinks at them [laughs]. It started in one match, where they told me just to throw a fit. [WWE Executive] Vince [McMahon] told me to just go crazy, tear things up, knock the announcer’s hat off his head. Throw iPads in water. So after my match, I didn’t know how it was going to go, but I just did it. And the crowd really reacted. It was this whole mood swing. It really worked.”

Fox has also seen the women’s division go through some huge changes, and she reflected on just how different things were when she first joined the company.

“It’s so amazing. Even like looking back, 2006, when I got started, females were used as like enhancement to the male talent—walk them to the ring and whatever. Or if they had matches, they were short. Or, they had like Bra and Panty Matches [Ed Note: exactly what it sounds like] Then we started getting more TV time for our women’s matches. But social media, the audience really played a big role in saying, “What’s up with the girls’ matches being only one minute?” [The audience] made it such a big deal that WWE had no choice but to respond and give us longer matches. It started to evolve quickly. I went from having matches that were literally 45 seconds to big main event cage matches. Now Evolution on October 28 will be the first all female pay-per-view.”