Most fans would tend to agree with the Boston crowd that Survivor Series was boring.  Instead of doing something fresh and exciting the WWE has decided to go with more of the boring factor. The main event at TLC is World Heavyweight Champion John Cena vs. WWE Champion Randy Orton in a title vs. title match. Seems like an exciting concept except for the fact that when Triple H announced it most fans in the arena could care less because the “WWE Universe” has already seen this feud done to death. Making either Cena or Orton an Undisputed champion wouldn’t make either star any bigger than they already are. How Could they have fixed this? I’ll tell you…


Imagine if CM Punk’s current storyline was switched with John Cena’s. They wanted to bring prestige back to the WHC and what better way than with CM Punk holding the strap. He is arguably the most popular superstar on the roster not named Cena and his 434 day reign with the WWE title brought a lot of recognition to that strap why couldn’t we be lead to believe that him holding the WHC would help elevate this title. Now we can’t have John Cena not on the card right? So we give him CM Punks spot which is using his star power to help get the Shield more over than they already are and more importantly gettting Roman Reigns over. The Shield have gone after Cena before and that all seems forgotten. They should rekindle that flame. We’re all supposed to believe Cena can overcome any odds stacked against him so why not have him in a couple 2 on 1 matches against Ambrose and Rollins. You could have Reigns constantly interfering in thosematches which could lead to a PPV match with him vs. Cena. If Reigns was able to beat Cena he would catapult himself into the main event. So with this idea you would have CM Punk helping the WHC get some steam and Cena would help elevate Roman Reigns to greater heights.

Now with the WWE title why not do more of the same. No, not keep the title on Randall but they should’ve let Bryan hold it for more than a night. It would be a fresh feel, plus the loudest cheers in the arena lately are all because of Daniel Bryan. Bryan is being used in a Wyatt Family storyline where he was kidnapped. That turned out to be all about nothing when Kane was, so why should we be lead to believe that Bryans will be any different? Now if the Wyatts were going after Orton the possibilities could be endless. Imagine if they kidnapped Orton and it turned out that he was the “Devil” that Bray Wyatt has been preaching about or you could play up the voices in Ortons head actually being Bray Wyatt. You could go with a brainwash themed storyline between Orton and Wyatt and eventually that could lead to a one on one PPV match between them. either way putting Orton in the Wyatt Family stable would add instant main event feel to this act.

Now in the scenarios I have laid out you would have CM Punk as WHC and Daniel Bryan as the WWE champion. You want to have a match where the titles are unified? Why not put two of your best wrestlers in the spot that unifies your two titles. In my eyes you have your modern day Austin vs. Rock feud in Bryan vs. Punk so I suggest you take advantage of it while they are two of the hottest things going in your company.

With all that being said, I understand that it is not reality…reality is WWE is scared to take chances and instead goes with more of the same ol’ same ol’.  Hopefully this will all change soon because it seems like if a storyline doesn’t involve the Authority than it doesn’t need any story to go with it. Now also know that I understand that the WWE is a company and they really do have to do what is “Best for Business” but business could blossom if they grew some grapefruits.