It’s certainly not uncommon for wrestlers to have their names changed and in 2021 Riddick Moss had his name changed to Madcap Moss when he aligned himself with Baron Corbin. His alliance with Baron Corbin has been over for some time now and fans have been wondering when WWE might change his name back to Riddick Moss. Well it looks like the name change is official as the former Madcap Moss is once again listed as Riddick Moss on

The name change was first hinted at recently on SmackDown when Karrion Kross referred to Moss as Riddick Moss instead of Madcap. Now it is offical according to WWE’s website.

Riddick Moss last wrestled when he faced Shinsuke Nakamura in his return match on April 14. Moss has been aligned with his real life girlfriend Emma on TV for some time now, and there have been signs that they will be moving forward as a heel duo, so it will be interesting to see how they’re used in the future.