The WWE is full of surprises which is one of the reasons why fans keep coming back for more every week. It might be painful at times, but in the end, it’s the experience which makes it worth the time invested in sports entertainment… or at least that’s the idea.

WWE can make a lot of decisions and some of them might be real head-scratchers to a certain extent. They could do things to benefit any given aspect of the company or future venture. Then again, sometimes they do things just because Vince McMahon wants to switch things up. This is the kind of thing that can happen when you have an eccentric genius billionaire at the helm of the ship.

There is a trend of shortening names like with Big E, Neville, Cesasro, Elias and the list goes on. Some have said WWE decides to do this kind of thing so it gives a name more impact (no pun intended). Other times it just looks better on a t-shirt. After all, can you imagine how “Happy Alexander Rusev Day” would be as a catchphrase?

Now it appears as though WWE is taking a piece of another character’s name from them as Apollo Crews is now simply “Apollo.” Love it or hate it, but it will certainly keep anyone from accidentally calling him Apollo Creed again.

Jeff Jarrett’s name was made official as part of the WWE Hall Of Fame’s Class Of 2018. This is indeed an exciting announcement and plenty of fans and members of the pro wrestling community have reached out to Double J in order to send their congratulations.

But in a real show of respect, Jeff Jarrett’s former employer and the company he founded, Impact Wrestling also reached out to send their warmest regards to Jarrett as he enjoys this day. It was a really big thing for them to do as a company as they said his induction was “much deserved.”