hall of fame

You never know what can happen in the wild and wonderful world of professional wrestling. Now it looks like you can never rule anything out either as Jeff Jarrett’s name has been officially announced for the WWE Hall Of Fame Class of 2018.

The last official position Jeff Jarrett had in pro wrestling was with Impact Wrestling but he has since left the company in search of clarity and he very well could have found it.

This pro wrestling celebrity spent time in WWE, WCW, and Impact Wrestling but it looks like he’s returning to WWE as he is now being accepted into the prestigious ranks of the WWE Hall Of Fame.

This announcement might come off as somewhat of a shock but Dave Meltzer confirmed in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Jeff Jarrett was on a list of possible inductees for this year’s ceremony.

It only goes to show that not only does Vince McMahon give second chances, but he also gives third and fourth ones as well. Hopefully, this will mean a legends contract is on the way for Double J complete with a new line of merchandise. Possible action figures, t-shirts, and a plethora of other Jeff Jarrett related items could be in store if the partnership is cemented in full-fashion.

It also gives us a lot to look forward to in regards to who will be inducting Jeff into the WWE Hall Of Fame as well. After all, Bruce Prichard has more than a few stories about the legendary son of Jerry Jarrett and he would be a perfect fit to lead the crowd in a rousing rendition of “With My Baby Tonight.”

Congratulations to Jeff Jarrett for this esteemed honor and hopefully it will create a new chapter in his pro wrestling career with a very positive outcome. One thing is for sure, the WWE Hall Of Fame just got a lot more interesting.