apollo crews

Just last week the members of Titus Worldwide were trying their best to make the “Crews Can’t Lose” catchphrase work, but one week can make a world of difference. WWE changed Apollo Crews’ name recently, and going forward he will simply be known as Apollo.

Sportskeeda is reporting that they received an e-mail from WWE confirming the name change, and the report claims that WWE officials also confirmed that they changed the Raw star’s name to avoid any confusion with Nikolas Cruz, the shooter involved in the tragic school shooting which recently took place in Florida.

James Ellsworth had an interesting run with WWE, but now that his run with the company is over, he’s once again working on the independent circuit.

Ellsworth recently challenged Nick Aldis for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, but unfortunately for Ellsworth he was defeated by Ellsworth. But that doesn’t mean Ellsworth won’t be carrying gold with him on his travels.

The former WWE Superstar has become known for wrestling intergender matches, and he recently took to Instagram to show off a picture of his new Intergender Championship, and he made it known that he’s ready to take on all comers.

Ellsworth posted the following:

“Ready to take on any woman for the world inter-gender championship, more on this in the coming days.. bookellsworth@gmail.com #duh”