roman reigns

Whether you loved Raw this week or hated it, the fact is they did something different and it very well might have paid off.

Seth Rollins had an amazing performance on Raw this week and went on to set an impressive record in the process. But it turns out that might not be the end of Rollins looking great in the ring because more big things could be in line for The Architect.

Raw was unique this week as a gauntlet match took up the first two hours of the show. It was certainly a different type of presentation but it was also designed to put certain people over. Braun Strowman might have won the actual match, but it was Seth Rollins who really came out looking like a champion.

Dave Meltzer discussed this angle and Roman Reigns’ next possible opponent after WrestleMania if WWE does indeed carry on with the plan to have him win the Elimination Chamber match and then go on to defeat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania.

But before he went into it, Meltzer left the possibility of change wide open because there are currently some rumors of performance-enhancing drugs making the rounds concerning Reigns. After all, there is said to be more information promised to be released shortly from convicted steroid dealer Richard Rodriguez through filmmaker Jon Bravo.

“If Roman wins the championship and god knows what’s going to happen in the next week or month-in-a-half, or two months,” Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio. “He desperately needs opponents and Seth is like the guy, the most logical opponent if you really look at it. Look at that roster because god knows if he goes in there and wins as a babyface and they try to bring up Bray Wyatt as his opponent it will kill him dead. The last three years will have been a complete waste.”

“And they’re not gonna put him with Braun Strowman because they don’t wanna beat Braun Strowman. And they could put him with Elias but then it’s gonna be like when Sting won the championship and they put him with those guys that basically killed him. I mean he’ll go out there and won’t have good matches. So Seth’s the guy. So to me, that’s the guy you do the program with. I don’t think Finn Balor is the guy because they didn’t pull the trigger on Finn Balor — and The Miz, he’s not main event World Championship guy.”

“Seth winning here to me, if it goes that way it’s really good programming. Roman wins the Chamber, Roman beats Brock Lesnar, and you’ve got Seth out there going ‘I beat you at Raw, I beat you clean’ and when I saw that I thought it was very well done. Seth was the star of the match that’s the whole thing. That was a strong push beating Roman Reigns and John Cena in consecutive matches I mean the fact that he lost the next match to Elias which I wouldn’t have done but that’s a different story but it didn’t hurt him at that point after those two big wins.”

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