WWE contracts are a very hot topic at the moment as a number of deals are set to expire soon. While a lot of the talk has been related to talents who are active in the ring it seems that a member of the WWE announce team has a deal that’s coming up sooner than later.

Booker T has been a member of the NXT announce team for some time now, and he recently talked about his experience working with the NXT brand during a panel at River City Wrestling Con.

“I think it’s about having fun more than anything. Wrestling, especially the NXT brand, if you’re watching it and if you’re listening to me and we’re having fun, we’re winning, and I think right now, NXT is hot. Everybody is geared to going out and performing and performing to try to make it to that next level and if I can have any part in these guys making it to the next level, I’ma have some fun.”

While talking about his contract status with WWE, Booker T noted that his deal is coming up soon when he said, “Contract should be coming up here pretty soon.”

Recently Becky Lynch’s WWE contract expired and she will reportedly be taking an extended leave of absence from WWE. It was also recently reported that Ricochet informed WWE he won’t be signing a new deal with the company when his deal expires this summer, and Natalya also has a deal that’s coming up.

Stay tuned for more updates on WWE contracts as they become available.

H/T POST Wrestling