When it comes to the biggest names in the history of ECW there’s no denying that Sabu is synonymous with the company. The former ECW World Champion put on some memorable performances which are still talked about to this day, and his career isn’t over just yet.

During a recent appearance on Conversations with The Wrestling Classic, Sabu explained that his goal is to compete in one more match, and GCW has already shown interest in booking his final match in January of 2025.

“My goal is to work out until the last match and I know the last match isn’t tomorrow. GCW wants me to do my last match with them in January. I said, ‘I don’t know if I’ll be ready.’ I don’t want my last match in January. I want it in July and I want it in Las Vegas.”

Sabu went on to say that he’s not in the right shape for a final match yet, but he would like to potentially compete in a final match at an AEW event.

“I’m gonna have a final match eventually, I’m not in shape for it yet. I’m hurting too much, but I’m hoping my pain eases up. I’m sure it will. I’d like to maybe do my final match with [AEW] because they have a big platform and a big paycheck.”

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H/T Fightful