A few months ago WWE made some changes to the announce teams and Wade Barrett was moved from NXT to Friday Night SmackDown so he could replace Pat McAfee while Pat focuses on his football announcing duties. Booker T took Wade Barrett’s place on the NXT announce team but he recently claimed on his Hall of Fame podcast that he was only supposed to be part of the commentary team through December.

“My thing is that that job was only supposed to be until the end of December. But, like I say, what’s that kid’s name that used to work there? [Wade Barrett] Yeah, yeah, Wade Barrett. He’s gone and forgotten as you can see [laughs].”

Wade Barrett is still calling the action SmackDown, but Pat McAfee is expected to return at some point. However, it remains to be seen where Wade Barrett will end up as Booker T is claiming he’ll be staying with NXT.

“That’s my job now. That’s my job full-time. I’m full-time now. I’m full-time on NXT all right. I’m gonna be in your ear, all up in your ear [laughs] every Tuesday. (…) Wade Barrett, I don’t know if they will keep him on, you know, find a spot for him over on, you know, RAW or SmackDown or something, but his a** isn’t coming back to NXT. He’s finished. He’s wrapped.”

H/T Sportskeeda