jim ross

Yesterday was one of the worst days in Jim Ross’s life. Jim’s wife was involved in a motor scooter accident while riding her Vespa home from their gym. Reports were that the gym was only blocks away from where the Ross family resided in Oklahoma when she was struck by a 17-year-old driver. Jan wasn’t wearing a helmet and required extensive emergency surgery to correct several traumatic skull fractures. Unfortunately she did not make it and passed away last night.

Before his wife’s passing, Good Ol’ JR updated fans about his wife’s status and thanked them immensely for the unwavering support he was receiving. Ross is one of the most beloved figures in professional wrestling and every moment in the history of sports entertainment that featured his voice is a treasure.

Naturally, there has been a wave of support for Jim Ross in this awful time. We here at Still Real To Us can’t imagine what JR is going through, but would like to extend our deepest condolences and love toward this magnificent man and WWE Hall of Famer. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jim Ross and his family as they deal with the aftermath of losing their matriarch.

Dave Meltzer wrote about Jan in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

“On a personal note, Jan is one of the sweetest and nicest people you could ever meet. She treated anyone close to Jim and all those in wrestling that she knew well like they were family members and to me, it absolutely is akin to a death in the family. She’s been an incredibly loyal wife through all the twists and turns that Jim has gone through between the Bell’s Palsy that threatened his career and livelihood on multiple occasions, his comebacks, and his different job-related stressful situations. She was a strong supporter of all his endeavors and also always had his back when things weren’t going right.”

Jim shared the following picture of his wife after her passing. We are absolutely heartbroken for Jim Ross and his entire family.

Jan was said to be a beautiful person and a “den mother” of sorts to the boys and their wives while JR was head of talent relations at WWE and there couldn’t have been a sweeter person. We are not the only ones who extended our sympathy of course, as many others have also shared their well wishes and deepest sympathies to the Ross family.