jim ross

Jim Ross recently noted on his blog that his was on life support, and now unfortunately he has confirmed that she has passed away. Ross took to Twitter to notify the world that Jan has passed and this is heartbreaking news indeed.

Earlier this week it was reported that Jim Ross’ wife Jan had unfortunately been involved in a car accident. Jan was riding her Vespa scooter home from the gym when she was hit from behind by a teenager driving a car. The accident left her injured and with several skull fractures. She was taken to a hospital where she later had surgery, and she remained in critical condition until she passed.

Jim Ross is beloved by his friends and peers as well as wrestling fans around the world. As soon as he broke the news, the wrestling world responded with nothing but love and support and you can see some of the reactions below.



We’d like to offer our sincerest condolences to Jim Ross and his family during this tough time. Let’s all try to remember to keep him in our thoughts as Jim Ross has truly given us so much over the course of his career, a little support is the least we can give him right now.