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The stars of the wrestling world know a thing or two about big fights, and Saturday night all eyes were on Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather as they faced off in one of the most anticipated fights in quite some time.

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Both fighters talked a lot of trash leading up to the fight, but in the end only one man could win. It was Floyd Mayweather who won the fight on Saturday night in the 10th round. Mayweather now has a record of 50-0, and he claims that his fight with Conor McGregor will be his last.

After the fight was over, former WWE World Champion The Rock took to Instagram to congratulate both McGregor and Mayweather on making history when he posted the following:

“Great fight boys. Historic night. Respect to Floyd Mayweather. Masterful performance tonight and historic career. 50-0. And massive respect to my brotha @thenotoriousmma for having the guts and warrior mana (spirit) to dent the universe to do big things and take risks that no one else is doing. No one. #Respect 👊🏾”

The Rock was far from the only wrestling star watching the big fight on Saturday night, and you can see some of the reactions to Mayweather vs. McGregor below.

Mojo Rawley also watched the fight with a few familiar faces from the SmackDown Live crew, and he shared the following photo: